Beach Houses for Sale: Unique Features of Coastal Homes

 blue beach house with red roof on stilts with large balcony and wooden walkway to the beach

Are you searching for beach houses for sale in the coastal Carolinas? Living by the beach is a dream for many, and guess what? Sellers Choice can help make your fantasy beach life turn into reality. 

But did you know that many coastal homes have unique features that you most likely won’t see on houses that are located more inland? These include the following:

Stilt House Plans

If the beach houses for sale that you’re considering purchasing are located close to the water, then they may be raised on stilts. Stilt house plans are popular along to coastline and not only look cool, but also help prevent flooding. Flooding may occur in a coastal area due to hurricanes, storm surges, high tides, and more. Having your home up on stilts is a great way to protect your home and your belongings. 

Hurricane Shutters

While you may not have to use these often (knock on wood), it’s important for your beach house or coastal home to have hurricane shutters installed on all of your windows. Hurricane shutters come in different forms such as accordion hurricane shutters and roll down hurricane shutters and are used to prevent gale force winds and debris from breaking your windows. While these are most often utilized during an actual hurricane (hence the name), hurricane shutters may also be handy during a regular storm with strong winds. 

Widow’s Walk

One feature you may see on many 19th-century coastal homes is a widow’s walk. But what is it exactly? A widow’s walk, which is often referred to as a roof walk or a widow’s watch, is a rooftop platform that kind of almost looks like a deck. These were originally created to provide uninterrupted views of the ocean from your home. Some modern homes have also included a widow’s walk into their design and they’re a desirable feature in beach houses and coastal homes.

Palmetto Trees

We’re not saying you can’t find palmetto trees off of the coast, but you’re sure going to have at least one or two palmettos in your front or backyard here by the beach. The palmetto tree, or Sabal Palm, is the state tree and symbol of South Carolina. Often confused with palm trees, palmetto trees only grow to about 30 ft tall. These beautiful trees are included in the landscaping of most coastal homes and definitely make you feel as if you’re right near the ocean. 

Floor to Ceiling Windows & Sun Rooms

Another great feature you’ll find in many beach house plans is something that’s sure to brighten your day - floor to ceiling windows. Heh, see what we did there? Floor to ceiling windows are especially popular in areas of the coastal Carolinas like Myrtle Beach where it stay sunny most of the year. Having these large windows allows more natural sunlight, which makes it feel as if you’re bringing the outside into your home. Natural lighting is also more relaxing than artificial lighting, which just adds to the beachy feel of the home. A lot of people may have floor to ceiling windows throughout their home, but a lot of coastal homes have a sunroom. Sun rooms, also known as Carolina rooms here in North and South Carolina, are rooms where the exterior are entirely made out of windows and are meant for relaxing, hosting guests, and enjoying the beautiful outdoor landscape while being inside.

Decks & Large Porches

Of course, when you live in your own paradise, you’ll want to enjoy it to its fullest. That’s why a lot of coastal homes feature backyard decks (and even pools) that are meant for soaking up the sun as well as entertaining. You’ll also see large, sprawling porches on many southern coastal homes. Homeowners use these porches as a place to spend the day out in a rocking chair sipping on sweet tea and enjoying the Carolina sunshine.

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