Meet the Team

Our star, salaried agents work full-time to sell your home and save you thousands.

Your house, your money.

That's how we look at it.

But we've worked in real estate long enough to know that that's not how the traditional real estate industry sees it. After years of working in big-name franchises we grew tired of seeing homeowners get the short end of the stick on the sale of their own home. Paying franchise fees and then 6-7% of your profit on top of that, it just isn't right.

So finally, we said enough was enough, and started Sellers Choice Real Estate in 2003. Our goal was to reimagine real estate sales in a way that is fair to both homeowners and agents. We knew that in order to do so we had to remove the wasteful and inefficient practices so common in traditional real estate sales. And what we came up with is the Sellers Choice business model.

How can we afford to do this?

We know that the traditional real estate sales model can't last. With most agents only selling 4-5 homes per year, and sellers having to pay out 6-7% of their profits, it's clear that neither sellers nor agents are happy. The industry is ready for a disruption.

Our agents are full-time employees (not independent contractors) who we pay a base salary, plus commission. This gives them the freedom to work to sell your home without having to consider a second job to make ends meet, and without needing to earn as much commission. Good for the agent, and good for the seller.

Plus, this lets us take the reduced commission on our side, so that the buyer's agent still earns the full commission they're used to, giving them full incentive to get your home sold!

We handle everything: from Listing through Closing all for just 4.5%!

  • We list your home in the MLS
  • We show your home to buyers
  • We arrange for other agents to show your home
  • We market and advertise your home
  • We handle negotiations, contracts, and escrow
  • We arrange inspections, appraisals, and closings
  • We do everything!

What's My Home Worth?